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28 SEPT – 4 OKT 2019



Eva Divya

Soul Alignment

Felicitat Life Retreats loves to take you on a journey to meet your true powerful self. During this week we focus on restoring the connection with your truest self. We aim to awaken you on the deepest levels of your being to activate personal leadership and soul alignment. The transformational teachings of Eva Divya, the activated inner self, movement, Yoga, solitude, meditation, coaching and reflection will guide you in meeting your truest self. We create a safe space in which your truest being can arise and shine. This retreat will bring you deeper knowledge of yourself, activate personal leadership, create soul alignment, inner peace and deepen you awareness of Love, Purpose and Oneness.

We look forward to welcome you for this wonderful journey in Portugal on the 28th of September.

“Above all…   Practice being Loyal to your Soul”

John Roger

Allow the magic of absolute presence

It is your time to awaken and to start living from what you truly believe inside. There is nothing left for you to Do, to Learn or to Understand…. Everything you need is already within you. Right at this very moment.

Allow the magic of absolute presence, being!

While you are seeking for answers outside yourself, the time has come for you to truly own your being, to truly embrace who you are and to set your inner wisdom and power free. Become who you truly are.

Ego says: “Once everything falls in to place, I’ll feel peace

Spirit says: “Find peace and everything else will fall into place…”

Marianne Williamson

Retreat Flow

To really activate your own inner guidance we need to restore your harmony and create clarity on your behavioral patterns. You need to learn to become aware of yourself on a much deeper level so you can start allowing your inner being to express itself in your daily life. This personal leadership. This can only be obtained trough awakening. This whole week we are guiding you into these deeper layers of the self so you can discover and unleash this inner power.

Each day we start with creating absolute presence in the body through movement and breath. Our fantastic Yoga teacher will take you on an amazing consciousness shifting journey to meet yourself in your body. Waaaaahhhh no words to describe this experience of freedom.

When you finish your morning movement session our Kitchen angels are waiting for you with a delicious breakfast to spoil you with their treats filled with LOVE! After your breakfast there will be a moment for you to fresh up and to get ready for the first workshop of the day. From this moment on you only have to surrender and Eva Divya will touch you with her teachings and set in motion your transformational journey that will take you into the right flow and focus the rest of the week. Each day Eva Divya will teach you to meet yourself in flow. To allow your inner guidance to awaken.

Every breath is a new chance to change your life


What can it bring you

  • Inner peace and harmony
  • Personal leadership
  • Inner strength to really be yourself
  • Letting go who you should be and become who you are
  • Self- awareness and Self-confidence
  • A deeper understanding of who you are, your body, soul and mind
  • Being connected with your inner guidance and strength
  • A shift in your consciousness of love
  • Deepen your meditation practice
  • Wonderful and authentic friendships

The journey

Meeting yourself and living an awakened life, that is what we aim to touch in you during this restorative week. Who are you, Where are you? What is your Rhythm? During this retreat you will go deep inside yourself. You will learn how to connect with your truest being to feel what you truly want in life or your business. You will learn how to live surrendering to the flow of life, activating personal leadership and soul alignment. This will have such a powerful and positive influence on how you feel in your daily life, in your relationships, in your body, mind and in your work life.

Heal the relationship with yourself and others. Learn to handle your boundaries. To feel and trust your inner guidance and wisdom. Build healthy and clean relationships.

Awareness is the basis of your hapiness. Life is about connecting. By connecting with your true self you will activate personal leadership. You will discover what you can let go of and what is still part of you. This week is about creating space for yourself to discover who you truly are and to reconnect with the leader inside you.

Who am I when I am living in soul alignment. What do I need? How do I move? How do I breath? What are my relationships like? What are my thoughts? Are their believe systems to break down? What is there for me to heal?

This journey we will make together as an individuals. Using teachings, silence, exercises, Yoga and meditation and a lot of fun.

Answers you will find in connection with yourself. Tune in with yourself. Allow your innerself to rise up. By truely allowing your inner voice, you will discover your direction in life in every moment. This week is an opportunity to deepen the connection with your truest being.



Eva Divya

Experiences with Eva Divya

The retreat package includes

  •  The whole retreat program
  •  Transformational teachings with Eva Divya
  • Everyday Yoga, movement, breath work sessions
  • 5 Restorative Yoga sessions
  • Individual coaching session
  • Daily meditation session
  • 6 Nights at the accommodation
  • 3 fresh organic and vegan/ vegetarian meals a day/ plus snacks and drinks



Would you like to join this retreat, or do you want to know if this retreat is something for you? Please get in touch!


€1397,00 incl BTW:

Prices are exclusive flights and transfer to the accommodation. Payment in installment is possible. Please contact us to use this possibility. A deposit of €397,00 is required and non-refundable.


We will be staying at a beautiful villa in Lagos, Portugal. From the villa you have a gorgeous view inland of natural beauty. In the landscaped garden you will find a pool and a jacuzzi with a nice terras for you to relax. If you wish to exercise a little bit more next to your daily yoga movement sessions, the fully equipped gym will be your spot. After an impactful day there is a sauna to find some extra relaxing  time for yourself.

You will be sharing a room. Eva Divya will tune in on you to find the perfect roomy for you. This way you will always be sharing a room with someone who is a perfect match for you. If you are joining the retreat with a friend you can share a room together.

We will welcome you at the villa on Saturday the 28th of September around 19:00h

On Friday the 4th of October we will closing the retreat. Check out is at 14:00h

The villa is located near Lagos, which is an hour ride from the airport of Faro and a 2 hour ride from the airport of Lissabon.

Experiences with Eva Divya


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Werken met Eva Divya: